Hurricanes Fan Upset After Aho Refuses Financial Advice

A Carolina Hurricanes fan became upset when Sebastian Aho refused his financial advice and signed an offer sheet with the Montreal Canadiens Monday for 5 years at 8.454 million per year. Mike Benson, of Raleigh, claimed that he had reached out to Aho regarding his free agency and offered financial advice. "I just wanted to … Continue reading Hurricanes Fan Upset After Aho Refuses Financial Advice

Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

Tomorrow is Boo-Thang's birthday. (For any new readers, or any readers that forgot, or any readers at all, "Boo-Thang" is code for "wife" 😉) She's hitting that Presidential number, too. The big 3-5. She certainly doesn't look it (no, I'm not saying that to earn brownie points or to get out of a future honey-do … Continue reading Boo-Thang B-Day Crunch Time

Monopoly: Carnegie Style

After a long hiatus, Boo-Thang and I have hopped back on the Monopoly train (I've actually won a few games since the last time I blogged about this game). We figured out that the best way to play board games is on the bedroom with the door closed (it would be too much of a … Continue reading Monopoly: Carnegie Style