Those Suing Saints Fans

Did anyone else catch that Saints-Rams NFC Championship last weekend? Sure, the Rams won in overtime, 26-23, to go to the Super Bowl, and that's good for them. But if you watched the game, then surely you remember the controversy involving those missed pass interference calls against the Rams late in the 4th quarter. Now, … Continue reading Those Suing Saints Fans

Fantasy Football Champion

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please. The winner of the 2018 Oh We Booking It Fantasy Football league is... ME! *Pops champagne bottle* 🍾 (If you're not into Fantasy Football, trust me I understand. My wife thinks I'm a dork because I'm into it, but that's okay with me, so WOOOOOOO!) Honestly, this post is just … Continue reading Fantasy Football Champion

“Go Panthers!” – Future Wife?

I'm not what you would call a Carolina Panthers fan (at least it's not the damn Tar Heels), but if someone gave me tickets to a Panthers game, then hell yes I'd go. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) won tickets to the Panthers 2016 home opener when she still worked for Time Warner … Continue reading “Go Panthers!” – Future Wife?