Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, right? Damn right it is, so remember that the next time your significant other gets you a bottle of mouthwash. You know, for when you're both standing under the mistletoe. He or she didn't have to get you ANYTHING, after all. That said, I do think … Continue reading Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

NFL, Woo-Hoo to Ho-Hum

I was probably more excited for last year's NFL season than I had ever been in the past. I was just itching for another Fantasy Football title, and the Oakland Raiders were coming off their first winning season since 2002. I smelled the playoffs; that glorious whiff of January football. But then that pesky kneeling-during-the-National-Anthem … Continue reading NFL, Woo-Hoo to Ho-Hum