New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions

NC State plays the 3rd-ranked Virginia Cavaliers tonight, and I think it's time for me to conduct a little experiment in...superstition. With 2nd year coach Kevin Keatts leading the Pack, and a new attitude in tow, I believe a few new game day rituals are in order. I know believing in superstitions runs contrary to … Continue reading New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions

Cazadores and Elizabeth Warren T-shirts

*If you're offended by either thing listed in the title, please don't read this post* It's the little things that make life worth living. That said, question: What's the best way to forget that you have to work on a Saturday? (Disregard The I ❤️ Gay Porn magnet on my fridge. It's my ex-boss's fault) … Continue reading Cazadores and Elizabeth Warren T-shirts

Drinkin in My Car

My wife and I were watching The Ranch last night, and one of the episodes had a brief running joke about one of the patrons of Maggie's bar thinking it's okay to drink in your car. Obviously, I found it amusing because drinking in your car, to me, is crazy. My wife, on the other … Continue reading Drinkin in My Car