That time I met Vince Vaughn

I don't run into famous folks very often. Sure, I shook hands with Ken Burns once, and Margaret Cho used to follow me on Twitter (during my open mic days). But for the most part, my Rolodex isn't bursting with star power. There was this one time, though, where I was on my way to … Continue reading That time I met Vince Vaughn

House of 1,000,000 Roaches

As a pest control technician, I often have customers ask me about my experiences in the field. "What's the worst infestation you've ever seen?" is the most common question I get, especially with new customers. I always respond with, "Are you sure you want to know?" The answer is always "yes!" I've been fighting pests … Continue reading House of 1,000,000 Roaches

Zach Yonk: Snake Wrestler

As a pest control technician, I encounter some less-than-savory creatures from time to time. Sometimes it's rats, sometimes it's opossums, and sometimes it's snakes. Yesterday, I had the privilege (I guess?) of running into a Copperhead. No no no, not Northern Democrats who supported peace with the Confederates during the Civil War, I'm talking about … Continue reading Zach Yonk: Snake Wrestler