Restaurant Manager Advocates for Permanent Social Distancing for “Karens”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the United States, one local restaurant manager has called for permanent social distancing. Not for those who have tested positive for COVID-19, though, but for anyone who tests positive as a "Karen", a term for overbearing female customers. Harold Gold, a restauranteur with Denny's in Selma, North … Continue reading Restaurant Manager Advocates for Permanent Social Distancing for “Karens”


As many of you have learned by now, I'm a hard-core Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark fan. One of my favorite stories, albeit not one of the scarier ones, is "Harold." Two farmers, Alfred and Thomas, decide to make a scarecrow for their garden. They name it Harold, after another farmer who they … Continue reading Harold

Lunch Date at Applebee’s

Boo-Thang and I finally found ourselves with the same weekend off, so what did we do? We decided to head to Raleigh to get a case of the Applebeetus. That's Wilford-Brimley-speak for "Applebee's". We had a 25-dollar gift card that our friend sent us for Christmas, but we hadn't had an opportunity to use it … Continue reading Lunch Date at Applebee’s