Law and Order: Special Dreams Unit

Last night, I had one of the most ridiculous, vivid, and imaginative dreams of my life. I was hanging out with the detectives from Law and Order: SVU (by "hanging out," I mean they were on the job and I was just there trying to look cool). However, we weren't in New York. Instead, we … Continue reading Law and Order: Special Dreams Unit

Homeless Waste Stations

Sometimes posts write themselves. You've all heard about the feces fiasco in San Francisco, but did you hear about the "Poop Patrol" they've formed in response? The city of San Francisco has set aside over 800 grand to put together an organized effort to clean up the piles of 💩 on their streets. Human 💩. … Continue reading Homeless Waste Stations

Straw Control, the Safe Move

I don't condone what's going on in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. It is a dangerous, slippery slope. A plastic straw ban? Really? Personally, I don't agree with this approach. It's too extreme. I don't want a plastic straw BAN, just plastic straw REGULATION. More straws certainly isn't the answer. We should have more rules … Continue reading Straw Control, the Safe Move