A New Type of Pest

In my three years as a pest control technician, I have encountered some pretty hair-raising stuff. Cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, snakes, customers with unrealistic expectations (sorry, but I don't get paid enough to go into your crawl space and seal up EVERY SINGLE TINY HOLE), you name it. But I certainly wasn't prepared for what … Continue reading A New Type of Pest

Zach Yonk: Investigative Reporter

I wore many hats as a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Zach Yonk: Intramural basketball legend. Zach Yonk: Student movie extra. Zach Yonk: Seeker of Dr. Scott Hahn. However, the one that brought me the most notoriety, without a doubt, was: Zach Yonk: Investigative Reporter. That's right, folks. I was an award-winning reporter for … Continue reading Zach Yonk: Investigative Reporter

SJWs=Overlooked Veterans

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier when I stumbled across this gem: Side note: I've got to give kudos to myself for finally figuring out how to use the mark-up tool on pictures. Anyway, so apparently some columnist wrote about how social justice warriors (SJWs) should be classified as veterans. You can watch the video … Continue reading SJWs=Overlooked Veterans