Hurricanes Fan Humiliates Bruins in NHL ‘19

A Carolina fan avenged the Hurricanes' 4-game sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals Monday when he defeated the Boston Bruins 12-1 in NHL '19 on his Xbox One. Alex McDonald, a lifelong Canes fan, said he was as disappointed as anyone else when the Bruins swept Carolina last week. "It was a tough way to … Continue reading Hurricanes Fan Humiliates Bruins in NHL ‘19

Throwing in the Towel

Now in the NFL, there is "bad," and then there is "walk out on your team at halftime bad." Unfortunately for the Buffalo Bills, they're in the latter category. There's been a lot of fuss after Bills Cornerback Vontae Davis left after the first half of his team's 31-20 defeat at the hands of the … Continue reading Throwing in the Towel