Battlefield, Call of Duty and the N-word

We all know that people get a bit ballsy when it comes to social media. America’s favorite pastime USED to be baseball, but now it’s typing petty shit in front of a computer screen.

Shouting racial epithets in a Call of Duty multiplayer game is a close second, though.

It’s bad enough that people play FPS and think that doing so automatically earns them some sort of military pedigree. But throw Confederate flag icons and the n-word in the mix and it only gets worse.

“You should have thrown a grenade you fucking n-word!”

Oooooh, how the butthurt wounds my heart.

Last time I cracked a history book, both World Wars have been over for, oh, at least a few decades.

From what I’ve seen, Battlefield has more players with Confederate/Swastika icons, while Call of Duty players are more likely to shout the n-word. Both are shitty, obviously, but at least an icon doesn’t talk.

Fortunately players have the option to mute others during the game, which I’ve had to resort to in the past.

However sometimes I’ll turn my microphone on just to mess with others. Some people get SO WORKED UP over a silly game.

“You have no business playing this game, you fucking retard!”


What really amuses me is when other players get killed and act like just because of that the rules of war were somehow violated.

“You were sniping, you fucking n-word! Why don’t you come out and fight?”

Oh how the virginity lives loudly within you.

All I’m saying is: Battlefield and Call of Duty? They’re GAMES. They don’t make you more of a badass and they sure as hell don’t make you some sort of military guru.

Chill. The. Fuck. Out. 😊

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