Lunch Date at Applebee’s

Boo-Thang and I finally found ourselves with the same weekend off, so what did we do? We decided to head to Raleigh to get a case of the Applebeetus. That's Wilford-Brimley-speak for "Applebee's". We had a 25-dollar gift card that our friend sent us for Christmas, but we hadn't had an opportunity to use it … Continue reading Lunch Date at Applebee’s

Music Time Travel

I've always been fascinated by the concept of time travel. Seriously, what if it was possible? Where would you go? WHEN would you go? Would you be a mere witness history, or would you try to change it? Personally, I'd travel back in time for the purpose of seeing some of my favorite bands perform … Continue reading Music Time Travel

Monopoly: Carnegie Style

After a long hiatus, Boo-Thang and I have hopped back on the Monopoly train (I've actually won a few games since the last time I blogged about this game). We figured out that the best way to play board games is on the bedroom with the door closed (it would be too much of a … Continue reading Monopoly: Carnegie Style