Don’t be a Racist Menace to Mississippi while Wearing Stars and Bars to the Polls

Anyone else hear about this (no, the picture isn’t mine, and neither is the story)?

I mean, the Confederate flag is bad enough.

The Confederate flag AND a damn noose? That’s worse.

The Confederate flag, a noose AND the phrase “Mississippi Justice”?

As Bill Murray said so eloquently in Ghostbusters:

“STOP that!”

To be fair, maybe the guy just forgot he was wearing that shirt because he’s so used to covering himself in white sheets.

That’s possible, right?

A hospital worker WOULD have access to bedsheets, after all. Maybe the hospital staff should do an inventory to see if any of their sheets are missing.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be a Racist Menace to Mississippi while Wearing Stars and Bars to the Polls

  1. I don’t think there’s a ban, in SC or any other state, on private individuals displaying the Confederate flag on private property. It’s that the state government won’t allow it to be displayed on public property. (Except in a museum or something like it.) No law prevents an individual from wearing it on a T-shirt or having it on a bumper sticker, etc.

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  2. I immensely dislike the confederate flag. Very few where I live have a flag hanging on their porch or whatever, but go to a state down south and they’re everywhere. My wife is from the south and denies that this flag represents a form of racism. It most certainly does.

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    1. I think it depends on where you are. I went to school in Ohio and I saw more Stars and Bars in eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania than I did in any southern state except for maybe South Carolina lol.


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