My feathers got ruffled just a tad recently when someone on Facebook referred to North Carolina as the “lesser of the Carolinas.”

As Luke Skywalker once said, “Don’t do that.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE South Carolina, but it’s just like the Civil War: North beats South.

Sure, South Carolina has the college football edge (Clemson and USC beat my Wolfpack last season 😫), they do have a pretty sweet state flag, and you can buy real fireworks there.

But that’s pretty much it.

Did anyone ever hear that Petey Pablo song about South Carolina? 🧐


How many US Presidents were from South Carolina? (Apparently both Carolinas claim that Andrew Jackson was theirs, but he’s also responsible for the Trail of Tears, so he’s all yours, SC).

North Carolina has the Outer Banks. South Carolina has Myrtle Beach.

North Carolina was first in flight. South Carolina was first to secede from the Union.

South Carolina has mustard-based barbecue. If I want mustard on meat, I’ll put it on a damn hot dog. Or a burger. Or the occasional chicken finger. But NOT BARBECUE.

North Carolina has the Blue Ridge Parkway. South Carolina has, uh, roads.

I know I know, at the end of the day we’re on the same team for MURICA, but there’s no denying it:


So come on and raise up, take ya shirt off, twist it round ya head, spin it like a helicopter!

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