Miles vs. Crackers Part II, or: Turn up the Volume

Here’s a glimpse of what my weekend afternoons usually consist of:

Crackers: Hey, Zach and Nate are trying to watch football. Let’s tangle, mmmkay?

Miles: Well, mmmkay!

Miles is the Jacked Russell, and Crackers is the Rat Terrier mix.

Today, while my wife was out delivering for 919 Dine (shameless plug, don’t care), Miles and Crackers were just chilling on the couch while I watched The Patriot.

Like so:

However, as is the case when I get home from work during the week, when my wife got home tonight it turned into something like this:

Side note: how about that sweet bedsheet?

It can be a bit taxing whenever we’re trying to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime it literally ANYTHING ON TV, but that’s what the volume button is for.

The only thing that worries me is when Crackers pulls his signature move, which is a series of quick gnaws on Miles’s cheek.

Still, I wouldn’t trade these guys for all the uninterrupted movies in the world.

Although I wouldn’t mind a couple of quiet hours so I can finish The Patriot.

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