Fantasy Football 2018

And just a few weeks ago I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the NFL this year 😒😂

I’m the Brett Favre of Fantasy Football. I’ve won a single championship, lost in another championship round, and the last couple seasons I’ve pondered retirement only to get roped back in.

No, I have not sent any women pictures of my Green Bay Pecker.

When my brother asked me to join his Fantasy Football league, I could just feel the dark side wrapping its tentacles around me.

“I can feeeeeeel your angeeeeeer,” Emperor Palpatine whispered in my ear. Obviously he hadn’t forgotten my flame-out 4th place finish last season, and neither have I.

So here I am, gearing up for another ulcer-inducing season of Fantasy Football.

Yes, my wife puts up with a lot.

Anyway, we just had our Fantasy draft, and here’s my lineup:

I had the 5th overall pick, and I lucked out when Le’Veon Bell dropped to me (how THAT happened, I’ll never know).

I also picked a bunch of RBs, because at some point the injury bug is going to sink its fangs into the NFL, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Drew Brees was not my first choice as QB, but I could do worse, despite his climbing age.

Drew Brees>Colin Kaepernick. 😝

Of course, now that I said that, my season is likely jinxed. 😫

Anyway, as Carl Weathers once said in a Bud Light commercial:


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