Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, right? Damn right it is, so remember that the next time your significant other gets you a bottle of mouthwash. You know, for when you're both standing under the mistletoe. He or she didn't have to get you ANYTHING, after all. That said, I do think … Continue reading Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Christmas in Cleveland

The countdown is on; only 15 days left until Boo-thang and I make our annual Christmas trip to Cleveland! 🥶 I never thought I'd spend a single Christmas in a city famous for its burning river, but then I met my wife and now it's a tradition for us. We're guaranteed a Christmas with snow … Continue reading Christmas in Cleveland

Tupac or Biggie? Snoop Dogg

I went through a hip-hop phase while I was in college, which still surprises me. But hey, it's good music, so 🤷‍♂️ I figured, as a hip-hop enthusiast, at some point someone would ask me: "Who's better, Tupac or Biggie?" If you weren't alive in the 90s, well, that's still NO excuse for not knowing … Continue reading Tupac or Biggie? Snoop Dogg