Wedding Anniversary

For the first (and, I’ll be honest, probably the last) time this Fall, I won’t be spending my Sunday afternoon on the couch watching football with my friends.

Nope, because today is my wife and I’s first wedding anniversary.

And she doesn’t like football.

She’s always been a pretty good sport about my gridiron fandom, though. Once, while she was still working for Time Warner, she won Carolina Panthers tickets in a sales contest and actually took me to the game!

Unfortunately, 90+ degrees combined with 70,000+ fans (it was the home opener), and overpriced Budweiser, was not her idea of a good time.

Completely understandable.

That’s how I know that my wife loves me. She willingly went to a professional football game with me. Enough said.

It eventually became part of our now-elaborate list of compromises.

I don’t try to get her to watch football with me, and she doesn’t try to get me to watch Shameless with her. Or Teen Mom. Or Girls. Or Dark Angel. Or The Notebook.

Okay, I willingly watched The Notebook with her and it wasn’t that bad.

I can’t believe that we’ve already been married for a whole year.

My longest previous relationship was 11 months, and now I’m celebrating being married for an entire year. To the same woman. Who willingly married me.

So today we are celebrating by going to The Pit (a great barbecue restaurant in Raleigh) and then shuffling down to the Boxcar arcade for an afternoon of Pinball and Mortal Kombaaat!

Wife+barbecue+video games+beer=a great anniversary celebration.

Here’s to many more, wifey! Aka boo, aka boo-thang, aka suga-puddin’ (okay, definitely not that one).

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