Man Fires Gun for First Time, Can’t Stop Saying “Yee Yee”

A Raleigh man changed the course of his life Thursday when he fired a gun for the first time in his life and suddenly couldn’t stop saying “Yee Yee”.

Terry Wolf told reporters that he had invited his friend, Will Grand, to go hunting with him Thursday afternoon.

“I had no idea that he had never fired a gun before,” Wolf said, “he didn’t tell me until we were out in the woods looking for varmints to pop.”

Wolf explained that he had to load the .22 Winchester rifle for Grand and helped him to aim for a nearby squirrel.

“As soon as he pulled that trigger,” Wolf said, “Will let out a loud ‘Yee Yee’ and about scared me out of my pants.”

According to, “Yee Yee” is an “exclamation used by hunters, fishers, and other country folk when just about anything happens”.

“He didn’t come anywhere close to hitting that squirrel, either, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to shout ‘Yee Yee’ as if he had.”

It didn’t stop there, either, according to Wolf.

“Every little thing that happened after that, Will was ‘Yee Yee’-ing,” Wolf explained.

“When I started skinning a squirrel I had shot, it was ‘Yee Yee’. When he stepped on a twig it was ‘Yee Yee’. I kept telling him to chill the hell out but he just wouldn’t listen to me.”

Grand couldn’t be reached for comment due to the fact that he had lost his hearing after firing the rifle.

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