Trump Burgers and Student Athletes

So the Clemson Tigers football team visited the White House (something about celebrating a national championship or some such thing), and President Trump rolled out the red carpet with: A fast-food buffet! But what the hell, Trump? No Chick-fil-a? I guess you can kiss the Evangelical vote goodbye for 2020. No Chick-fil-a=No God. On the … Continue reading Trump Burgers and Student Athletes

Waffle House Grits, aka Culinary Napalm

Well, my paycheck was significantly higher than I expected. You know what that means? Spluuuuuuurge city! You know, wiping my ass with dollar bills at the Waffle House 🎉. Don't tell Boo-Thang, but for breakfast this morning I really burned a hole in my pocket. That's right, the grits were on me 😉. I ordered … Continue reading Waffle House Grits, aka Culinary Napalm

Drinkin in My Car

My wife and I were watching The Ranch last night, and one of the episodes had a brief running joke about one of the patrons of Maggie's bar thinking it's okay to drink in your car. Obviously, I found it amusing because drinking in your car, to me, is crazy. My wife, on the other … Continue reading Drinkin in My Car