Waffle House Grits, aka Culinary Napalm

Well, my paycheck was significantly higher than I expected. You know what that means? Spluuuuuuurge city! You know, wiping my ass with dollar bills at the Waffle House 🎉. Don't tell Boo-Thang, but for breakfast this morning I really burned a hole in my pocket. That's right, the grits were on me 😉. I ordered … Continue reading Waffle House Grits, aka Culinary Napalm

SJWs=Overlooked Veterans

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier when I stumbled across this gem: Side note: I've got to give kudos to myself for finally figuring out how to use the mark-up tool on pictures. Anyway, so apparently some columnist wrote about how social justice warriors (SJWs) should be classified as veterans. You can watch the video … Continue reading SJWs=Overlooked Veterans

Fido: The Dog Avenger

Has anyone ever created a superhero for dogs? No no no, not a dog superhero. Rather, a superhero who specializes in protecting and rescuing man's best friend. Personally, I think that would be pretty badass. I know years ago they had that McGruff "Take a bite out of crime" character, but I'm pretty sure he … Continue reading Fido: The Dog Avenger