Christmas Airbnb

Well, it took almost 11 hours, but Boo-Thang and I finally made it to our Airbnb in Ohio!

I do, in fact, mean damn! This place is nicer than our apartment back home!

Check out the stuffed sloth on the bed, too. Now that is what 2006 me would refer to as “dank.”

But 2018 me will refer to it as “ADOWABOWL.”

There’s also a Hungry Howie’s across the street! Flavored crust and Howie bread, y’all!

And gas is 1.99 a gallon! Jeez, what are you doing, North Carolina?!

I’m on vacation, yet I’m still thinking about my fur kids (yes, I refer to my dogs as “fur kids”, so sue me).

I don’t feel bad for putting Miles in Doggy Daycare, because I know he loves playing with other dogs.

Crackers, on the other hand, I’m a little bit worried about. I hope he doesn’t think we abandoned him or anything.

Then again, maybe Crackers is treating our absence the same way Kevin McCallister did in Home Alone.

“I made my humans disappear!”

I’ll bet he’s jumping up and down on our bed right now, spilling Purina One all over the sheets.

Or tearing around the apartment, barking at the top of his lungs, with absolutely no regard for the tenants next door.

Or raiding the fridge of all the Cheddar cheese we left behind, then watching Angels with Filthy Souls.

Hopefully no one will try to break in while we’re gone, or else Crackers may rig some gnarly traps in preparation.

I always look forward to time away from dog responsibilities (like taking Miles out at 5:30 in the morning) but I still miss my pups. If only this place was pet-friendly.

Coors Light pajama pants, reruns of The Office (Roku), Boo-Thang, Hungry Howie’s pizza and Peach Brandy.

Absolutely worth the drive.

Okay, so we had access to all that stuff back at home, but…this is Christmas vacation, so it’s better!

As Larry Bird once said, “Merry fuckin’ Christmas!”

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