Desperate Wolfpack Fan Calls for Graham to Start

One desperate NC State fan called on Head Basketball Coach Kevin Keatts to start walk-on Chase Graham for the rest of the season.

Anthony Williamson, a lifelong Wolfpack fan and self-described “basketball whisperer”, told reporters that he was disappointed in the team’s performance so far.

“They’re 10-10 at this point,” Williamson argued, “and the ACC is pretty bad this year.”

“There’s no excuse for that, especially since I was told that Kevin Keatts is a winner.”

The solution, according to Williamson, would be to start Graham for the rest of the season.

“Hindsight is 20/20, you know the thing,” Williamson explained. “But last time I checked, the Wolfpack is 19-0 whenever Graham plays. That’s a 100% winning percentage.”

“So what the heck does Keatts have to lose by starting him going forward?”

One other Wolfpack fan was skeptical of the idea.

“Graham is a friggin’ walk-on player,” Steve Baker said. “We’re not winning any games with him as a starter.”

“What they really need to do is quit wearing those black uniforms. We’re the red and white from NC State,” Baker added.

“And also to not lose to teams like Wright State. That made us look like Wrong State.”

The Wolfpack take on Notre Dame on January 26 in South Bend. The Irish are currently 12-6 overall and 5-2 in the ACC.

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