Team Name Mixup Cost NC State Spot in NCAA Tournament

When the NC State men's basketball team was left out of this season's NCAA Tournament bracket, many Wolfpack fans were left perplexed. In their minds, the Wolfpack was snubbed in favor of other less-deserving teams. However, it has recently been revealed that the Wolfpack was left out of the tournament due to a team name … Continue reading Team Name Mixup Cost NC State Spot in NCAA Tournament

Wolfpack Flop

(Oh look, there's me, wondering where NC State's shooting went today!) I'm not even mad. I'm just...a little bit befuddled. #23 NC State lost to #12 Virginia Tech this afternoon, 47-24. Now, if this had been the final score of a college football game, in the late-90s, against a Michael Vick-led Virginia Tech team, I … Continue reading Wolfpack Flop

New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions

NC State plays the 3rd-ranked Virginia Cavaliers tonight, and I think it's time for me to conduct a little experiment in...superstition. With 2nd year coach Kevin Keatts leading the Pack, and a new attitude in tow, I believe a few new game day rituals are in order. I know believing in superstitions runs contrary to … Continue reading New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions