Cardiac Arrest Pack

*This is an NC State basketball post, so brace yourself for one of the biggest homer fans in sports* Woo boy diggity giggity dawg that was one heart attack of a game! NC State 69 Clemson 67 Was this a game the Wolfpack COULD have easily won? Yes. Was this a game the Wolfpack SHOULD … Continue reading Cardiac Arrest Pack

Those Damn Tar Heels

Mmmmmmm, today is a good day to: Tonight, the 15th-ranked NC State basketball team squares off with the 12th-ranked UNC squad in Raleigh. Against my better judgment, I'm planning on watching the game. Also against my better judgment, I'm going to have some friends over to watch the game with me. Don't worry, they know … Continue reading Those Damn Tar Heels

Wolfpack Wins!

I faced quite the dilemma last night while I was waiting for Boo-Thang to get home from work. NC State basketball? Or Apocalypse Now? "Charlie don't surf!"? Or "Dammit, they choked again!"? I went with Apocalypse Now, because no movie in the world gets me emotionally worked up the way Wolfpack basketball does. At least … Continue reading Wolfpack Wins!