NC State Fans Call For Cancellation of Football Season

Following 10th-ranked NC State’s 30-20 loss to 5th-ranked Clemson Saturday, some disgruntled Wolfpack fans called for the rest of the football season to be canceled.

Despite the Wolfpack (4-1) suffering its first loss of the season to a nationally-ranked opponent, in some fans’ eyes the season is already a disappointment.

Bob Ackerman, a life long NC State fan and President of the group Shut it All Down (or SAD), told reporters that the Clemson loss was too much for him to bear.

“Just shut it down,” Ackerman said. “If we can’t beat the 5th-ranked team on the road in an 80,000-seat stadium, then what’s the damn point?”

“This was supposed to be our year, Devin Leary was supposed to win the Heisman, and we were finally supposed to win the ACC. But nope, scratch all that.”

Stephen Gass, another disgruntled Wolfpack fan, explained that the loss to Clemson Saturday was another example of what has been called “NC State sh*t”.

“I’ve seen it countless times,” Gass said. “Just when you think the program is finally turning the corner, you lose to Clemson on the road in a prime time game.”

“Why even risk the rest of the season? Just cancel it so we don’t have to run the risk of losing to Wake Forest.”

The Wolfpack (4-1) is back in action next Saturday, as they host Florida State in Raleigh.

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