Roy Williams Denies Telling Players to Duct Tape his Head Following NC State Loss

North Carolina Head Basketball Coach Roy Williams fired back Wednesday at rumors that he told his players to wrap his head in duct tape following Tuesday’s 79-76 loss to NC State.

Williams told reporters that the rumors were baseless and untrue.

“No dadgum way on this earth did I tell my players to wrap my head in duct tape to keep it from exploding,” Williams said.

“Y’all know how I feel about the Wolfpack,” Williams explained. “But I’ve seen that movie Scanners, and that junk doesn’t happen in real life.”

The rumors started immediately following the game, when Facebook users started openly questioning Williams’s state of mind after losing to NC State for only the fifth time in his coaching career.

“Has anyone checked on Roy over the last several hours?” one Facebook user, who chose to remain anonymous, asked.

Another Facebook user, who chose to go by the moniker Snakes, said he thought he saw a roll of duct tape laying next to the scorer’s table not far from Williams.

“He looks like he needs to wrap that tape around his head so that when it explodes it won’t make as big of a mess.”

Williams also denied having any duct tape in his possession at all during the game.

“If there was any duct tape on that court,” Williams said, “then it must have been on the bottoms of our guys’s shoes.”

NC State Head Coach Kevin Keatts said there were moments when Williams looked visibly irritated.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Keatts said. “I swear I thought Roy’s head was going to go poof when Shakeel yammed that dunk over Kessler.”

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